The need to be restored in our world is vast, almost everywhere you look individuals, families and cultures need restoration. The reality is God has seen the immense need and it is His will to restore all. Everyone with no exception can be restored. I say that, and you think everyone? Yes, everyone. God is not limited to your failures or the wounds put in your life by others. Those issues do not put a barricade around you to keep God out. He is drawn to those in dark sin and disenfranchised by society.

Jesus was the will of God manifested, everything he did was calculated and planned. His close friends were not in the perfect club! The Son of man was surrounded by transgressors, in fact, they questioned the companions he chose. Why not hang out with those praying and fasting for God’s will, the holy and clean?  The question remains today, why does God use those with a messed up life? Why not use the perfect? Perfection at times birth pride and God resist the proud! Scripture does not say God resist the sinner in the New Testament, but it does say he refuses the haughty. They are denied access. The sick however and addicted are accepted. The whole does not need a doctor it is the sick so we see God coming in flesh to restore. His whole mission was to put man back in proper position to have a relationship with him. The prideful gossiper is more like the one who got kicked out of heaven than the one who came down from heaven.

Restoration is not man’s idea, it is God’s and as we begin to discuss this you will see that God can restore ALL! Everything and make life better then it has ever been.